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Estate Planning FAQ's

Why do I need a power of attorney?

A power of attorney is one of the most important documents to have that designates an agent to act on your behalf due to some physical or mental incapacity.


Do I need a Will?

Yes, If you are married and have children. Without a Will, your estate may be  required to be shared among your spouse and children.

Yes, If any of your children have special needs, and your child is receiving government financial assistance, you should have a Will.

Yes, if you have special bequests to certain family members, friends or charities.

Yes, If you want designate a specific person to be in charge of your estate to avoid any conflicts.

Yes, if you do not want family members to receive all of their inheritance when they reach 18 years of age and you would like to have that inheritance provided to them over an extended period of time.


Why do I need a will?

A will is important to assure that your property is distributed to your specific instructions. Without a will, your estate is subject to the rules of intestacy. This may result in your estate being distributed among members of your family prematurely and perhaps contrary to your wishes. A will is also important in designating the executor of your estate, there by avoiding any disputes among family members as well as the designation of a guardian of your children.