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Last Will & Testament

If you are trying to start the process of writing a last will, chances are you’re looking for an experienced last will and testament lawyer. The last will and testament is a topic that is often one of grim nature, however, it is a crucial part of any complete estate plan. The importance lies on this document because it accomplishes a couple of essential tasks after the originator of the last will (called the testator if they’re male or testatrix is they’re female) passes away.

It is not a fun chore by any means but something that aging adults should pay attention to in order to have a plan in place for the unfortunate certainty of life. When you go to create your Last Will and Testament you want a lawyer with complete, comprehensive experience in this practice area. For this look no further than the tried and true expertise of Babylon lawyer Mikel J. Hoffman, P.C. With 30 years practicing law, countless satisfied clients and positive rankings across all the major legal rating platforms, you’ll see that your best interest lies in Mr. Hoffman’s law office.

What is Accomplished by a Last Will and Testament

There are a host of concerns that a Last Will and Testament can address and yours will be tailored to your specific wishes that are to be followed. The main thing which a Last Will and Testament accomplishes is that it gives the testator or testatrix a way to transfer assets to named beneficiaries according to the decedent’s wishes. In particular, the Last Will and Testament also covers these goals:

- Appointment of the legal guardian for your minor children (under 18).

- Making provisions to share or not share your estate with children from a blended family.

- Appointing the caregiver and estate share of a child with special needs.

- Declaring appointment of the person to be in charge of probating your estate known as the executor.

- Keeping assets within the family bloodline in the event any of your heirs predecease you or prior to the time of distributing their share

- Withholding money from a child beyond 18 years of age when they would normally be entitled to his/her share

- Disinheriting a family member that would normally inherit.

Why You Should Work With an Experienced Last Will and Testament Lawyer

There are a number of reasons why having an experienced last will and testament lawyer like Mikel J. Hoffman, P.C. is the best choice when crafting this important part of your estate plan. For one, as you can plainly see by the list above there are many items to consider during the crafting of the document and to make sure none of these are missed you should work with an attorney who has years of experience and knows each of these crucial elements.

Another reason why Mikel Hoffman is your best choice is that he will work with you to make sure everything you want to include your Last Will and Testament is present and that all your wishes are fulfilled through this document. He will also let you know when certain wishes wouldn’t be accomplished through the Last Will and help you with other estate planning and probate matters that would better carry out what you would like to see addressed.

Finally, as a native Long Island resident with an office right in the heart of Babylon village, Mikel J. Hoffman is incredibly familiar with the state and local laws that will determine the best way to set up and create your Last Will and Testament so that it complies with all the laws and regulations.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with Mikel J. Hoffman, P.C. to talk about crafting a comprehensive Last Will and Testament or any other legal matter, we invite you to call the office at (631) 661-2121 or to fill out our contact form and Mikel will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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